I’m forced to think that you must be handsome because my circle so full of fine people😋
I want to understand that you are a man after God’s very own heart because Eve found Adam in his territory✨ just but a few things I’d like to let you know for how good it is for two souls that understand the same language⚡you will be very blessed to have me be assured because I’m confident and I believe God gives the best of things to his people.. And he let’s people with good intentions to meet people with good intentions. Not to say anything is gonna change.. But see this has already been planned by God🙏🏾

I don’t know if we going to meet in a church or in a library because I’m made of books or in a serene place both in search of solitude⚡ but I know either way its gonna happen and when it does ..I hope we realize that we both meant for each other.I hope we build an empire that surpasses all that came before us..I hope we won’t stand a comparison. As we both await for that time let’s focus on the right things so that being single doesn’t feel wrong for any of us〽

But wait… First of all,,there is a man that came before you,a man that loved me before you, he is a part of my soul that stays outside my body but we are still one and we are a packaged deal⚡ he knows so much about me and I want you to understand that his love
for me stands no comparison because loving him is loving myself. He knows so much about me,and he knows how my heart beats from inside✨ he is the reason I’m writing this because he taught me that life,life is meant for us to live and be happy. But we could create heavens down here✨

And while most may have a perception of bad things about me loving him this much,I hope you don’t be among the most…I hope you follow your heart..I hope I become the reason you believe that scars can be beautiful. That he will be an example of a wound that changed a soul,healed and became beautiful✨I hope that he be won’t be your reason for not a walking with me down the isle but even a better reason for you to say yes to two people.. To a woman you have loved from your heart and to a son that changed her and became her beautiful scar⚡I hope you will be willing for us to now continue writing this book that I started alone✍🏾

While this book may have more chapters, I hope you hold this pen when I can’t… I pray that we start more episodes and later release a movie..based on reality😋 while these maybe my dreams…I hope that they are yours too that we may be complete. In my heart there are parts that haven’t been explored because they all left after seeing the scars and didn’t know what was inside. Most people are afraid of broken.. They see broken and run…but I hope for you scars will mean lessons..scars will mean beautiful.. Scars will mean war fought..scars will mean a survived life☺
I hope we embrace this life I have lived✨

I’m beautiful I won’t need affirmation for that..I have scars that are beautiful I also won’t need affirmation for that too..but I will need affirmation that we can be the only ones who live a scar life story〽

The Illimitable✍🏾

I hope we find each other sooner



For the days we spent and the moments we shared,For the memories we created that were meant to last. For the bond so strong we meant to make it never end. We ate and laughed and loved each day

You opened the voids that you thought I should see. Took me through all the ripples to see. Took me as your own,treated me as your being. We were friends to last ,friends to keep. They all envied us but none enough to break us.

We traveled ,adventured,discovered together. Everyone knew that we became as Bonnie and Clyde. I wasn’t afraid that one day you would leave because we shared a soul. It was more than friends and not even sisters. Too attached to detach

So girl the pinky promises were locked in the hearts. Surging forward with all the assurance. I felt like all had been said and all had been done. They all wanted our secret,they all admired,they all envied and wished they could be us

But, today, here I burn in the fires of hell. Here I am feeling the pain of things left unsaid. Here I am as you smile in paradise and watch me regret painted all over your face. This one guy that you never mentioned to me

Here I am as I wonder if this is what you so much waited for .If this is what you yearned for. This man Jesus, you never told me about. You didn’t even mention my name to him.

I blame,I blame you. I blame you for never trying. For letting me get lost while you knew the way. For keeping it to yourself,if only you mentioned his name to me..I bet neither of us would be stranded today.. But no,I blame me more. I blame myself for accepting things left unsaid. For growing comfortable with incomplete words. For standing short talks. For growing so blind to realize the dots and join them.

Because nothing can be done now. I made my bed let me lie on it. I waited for the waters so I’d rather be patient with them. For poured waters can not be collected. For closed doors that I have no keys to.


Last night my sadness woke me up and I sobbed uncontrollably. The world was sleeping so I turned to the Lord for a conversation.

I feel like I’m getting my life together,God,except for these holes.

The losses I have had left holes in me and now my life keeps seeping out of the holes.

I’ve tried filling the holes with all kinda things busyness,food,songs, writing, sympathy, love…….

But nothing works I still have these holes.

And the grief from past memories enveloped me again and I sat rocking myself, holding myself, trying to give comfort to my pain

Wanting to gain understanding,this pain sure hurts,Lord and as early morning came …I heard him softly call my name….with nail-scarred hands outstretched to me

He said tenderly, I have holes too,and then I knew He Understood As No One Could


There are people who have torn you down,who have hurt and broken your heart,who have broken your past. But look carefully there are some people who have loved you, who trust and are proud of you. Yeah, there were things that did not work. There were moments when life was really harsh on you but think carefully, there were moments when things worked out your way. There were times when you lived in the moment. When you were smiling, when life was pleasant. Yes, you made mistakes, you felt bad for yourself,.But think carefully, there were moments when you were proud o yourself, when you did what you wanted to do,so RELAX,,… Your past is now gone and you’ve got a future. It was a lesson not a life sentence. Life is never the way it seems. You ain’t perfect, no one is. You gat flaws,everyone has. You can try again. Don’t be so harsh on yourself


At the sunrise of a friendship we all hope that it turns out alright and the fact of separation is always a myth to our ears. We become very optimistic in life that we end up planning our lives based on forever.

We make promises both real and unreal and love is always at the peak indeed departure is never in our minds. We actually think of each other as angels. As the sweet sun gets hotter and the dawn turns to noon,the cord is always too hot to keep holding. It becomes too hard to remain in the circle. We end up using big words for love and those are synonyms that are deep secrets to the blinded hearts by love. Troubles and difficulties reach us and we definitely know that as long as we are together we gonna come out safe.

Little do we get to understand that everyone for himself and God for us all. Though we get the help we will always be blamed for our small mistakes. For fear of failure that led us to making decisions that were wrong. Dependence on them made you think you were never right and that you had to be with them for you to be right. Because you’re really desperate for help, you end up understanding their quest for such. Dusk approaches when finally they let go off your hand where they dug your grave. It’s always up to you to try grab on the sides, grasp to the small holes to save your life. The same old feeling makes you feel so helpless and in the end its up to you to be strong.

They become merciless, they walk out of you because you thought you couldn’t make it on your own unless they held your hand to say you’d be okay. How can all be right when they are what is wrong with you?? This lingers in your mind for once. You feel greatly betrayed when they turn against you. You will want to call them back but you should know that it’s their decision to walk away. You settled for less than you deserved!!…. And maybe.. Just maybe God is protecting you from them… That is their decision to walk away.

They went numb; you didn’t, they gave up; not you, they have a problem, not you. Though it will will take you time to put back the soil to the grave they dug for you, you will better for your life. You will come out stronger and independent. They may want to push you back but it will be up to your conscience. The betrayal circle. How the betrayal events are summed up in one day. From dawn to dusk,it is by what we choose. Surely, not all that glitters is gold.

Not how many you can count but how you can count on, not the number of the stars but the brightness each offers, not the length of the arm but what it gives. You will want to get mad at them; BUT DON’T…they have taught you you how to be independent, they have shown you what not to carry ahead, they have opened your eyes to see that all that long you had been chasing the wrong horse or rather riding the wrong donkey.

Be grateful, they will live with the guilt of having wasted part of you thinking they messed you up wholly. Friendship isn’t what we always expect.

It could be a snake that bites, do you see it and make no move??!